Changements dans la convention de nommage de Ovid MEDLINE

Le fournisseur Ovid indique des changements dans la convention de nommage de les différentes bases de données Ovid MEDLINE. Voir le communiqué à cet effet (en anglais):



Changes to Ovid MEDLINE naming

Dear Ovid MEDLINE Customer:


It has been brought to our attention there were inconsistencies in our Ovid MEDLINE naming. Therefore we decided on a slightly different naming convention, that also shortens the long Ovid MEDLINE labels. Secondly some labels had a static end-date like <xxxx to Present> or <xxxx to Daily Update>. We also changed those labels to reflect the actual database update dates. Please note these are just changes to the naming, there are no changes to the content. The changes do not affect results of your Saved Searches or AutoAlerts.

We would also like to remind all customers that database listings on Ovid are fully customizable. There are over 40 combinations of Ovid MEDLINE that may appear in a database list. While all of them remain available, we do recommend to keep things simple for your users, and only show the all-encompassing “Ovid MEDLINE(R) ALL <1946 to July 3, 2018>” database that is on par with PubMed in terms of coverage. The “ALL” database contains all possible components of Ovid MEDLINE. Should any new components be introduced for Ovid MEDLINE, they will be automatically added to “Ovid MEDLINE(R) ALL”.

Finally, please note that starting with the January 2018 reload, Ovid MEDLINE no longer keeps corrected records as it did before. Corrected records are removed automatically from the Ovid MEDLINE segments they were located in. Therefore your users may no longer need to use any of the “without Revisions” databases, and you can hide them from the list. Hiding databases will not affect AutoAlerts.

Please contact support@ovid.comto have your database list updated as needed. See the Ovid MEDLINE database guide for a complete updated list of MEDLINE labels:



Wolters Kluwer - Ovid