Changements dans la connectivité des ressources Ovid

Le fournisseur Ovid indique des changements dans la connectivité de ses ressources. Voir le communiqué à cet effet (en anglais):

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Firewall and Proxy Changes required for uninterrupted Ovid access - Reminder #2


Dear Ovid Customer:


Please see below for a list of URLs that must be enabled in your proxy servers or firewalls. We present two options, but you must implement one of these by January 1, 2018 to ensure uninterrupted access. Please forward this information to your network administrators as needed.

Important: both options below list new URLs that require your attention. We encourage you to review this list ( now and periodically to ensure you've accounted for all the necessary URLs.


Option 1 (Recommended): Add exceptions for the URLs below using wildcards.

Please add exceptions for the following URLs using wildcards to your proxy servers or firewalls:



Why should I do this option?
Ovid is committed to making regular updates to its products. This may require us to use additional URLs to deliver your content to you and your users. If your network administrators allow it, opening up the domains above without any limitations will ensure you have uninterrupted access to Ovid content without having to make additional firewall or proxy changes in the future.


Option 2: Add exceptions for the specific URLs below.
Please add exceptions for the following specific URLs to your proxy servers or firewalls (a complete list of URLs is available at


Why should I do this option?
We understand that some of your institutions require more stringent proxy and firewall rules. Therefore, we want to proactively provide you with the necessary URLs. If you choose this option, you may need to make future changes to your network configuration as Ovid releases new features. Of course, we will communicate these to you with enough time to implement such changes.  


Please contact support@ovid.comwith any questions that you may have.



Wolters Kluwer - Ovid